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Artist Intelligence Labs is a provider of innovative AI and Blockchain tools and services for artists and creatives.


At Artist Intelligence Labs, we wholeheartedly embrace the mission of addressing the prevalent issue of insufficient information and transparency within the realm of the arts. Our dedication is exemplified through a multifaceted approach, commencing with continuous engagement in community outreach and educational initiatives through our social audio spaces. Beyond this, we collaborate closely with community organizations, actively crafting programs that serve to introduce and enlighten aspiring young creatives about the intricate realms of music, intellectual property, and copyrights.

In our unwavering pursuit of fostering a just and inclusive environment, we are committed to establishing fair and equitable career opportunities within our organization. By prioritizing transparency, education, and community collaboration, we strive to not only elevate the creative landscape but also empower the next generation of artists with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive. At Artist Intelligence Labs, our commitment extends beyond the boundaries of our organization, aiming to make a lasting impact on the broader artistic community.

Hakim Draper
CEO | Artist Intelligence Labs

Join Our Music Networking: No Ego Club

Every weekday morning, you’ll discover Artist Intelligence Labs’ CEO, Hakim Draper, actively participating in the vibrant ‘Music Networking No Egos’ clubhouse. In this engaging space on the Clubhouse app, Hakim joins a distinguished diverse panel of seasoned executives, producers, songwriters, publicists, and other industry experts. Together, we form a dynamic community of over 30,000 members, united by a shared mission.

In this unique environment, we offer a priceless gift: completely free music business education. Our expert panel, each possessing a wealth of experience, converges with the singular purpose of providing valuable insights and knowledge. We are here to empower and educate music creatives at every stage of their career development journey. At Artist Intelligence Labs, our commitment to fostering growth, collaboration, and empowerment is not just a statement; it’s a daily practice within the heart of our engaged and thriving community.

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